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11:08:35 PM Feb 2nd 2014
The definition of Folk as stated here, follows Pete Seeger, I think. He was the one to "modernize" the genre. Many of the varieties of folk music differs greatly from this, and "three chords" are not close to cover the tonal patterns in certain branches of it - with melodies and modes being so old that the chord patterns doesn`t fit, or exist at all. Maybe we should have a topic on "traditional music", or maybe every nation should be able to describe their own traditions.
04:08:18 AM Feb 3rd 2014
This is a description and brief history of Anglo-American folk music, from which the modern version of folk as a popular music genre emerged. The first paragraph acknowledges that the music itself can follow a wide variety of patterns. While it would be great to describe all forms and traditions of folk, we'd probably be best off making new articles for them, since this trope description is long enough already.

E.g. if someone wants to make an article on folk pop in the Balkans, that might be a good idea, since the paragraph on it in the trope description feels rather shoehorned.
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