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10:23:08 PM Jul 24th 2012
Why do I get the feeling that this is going to get added to No Real Life Examples, Please! on the grounds of "it's not nice to call real people fat and/or bastards"?
03:49:35 PM Oct 26th 2011
Cut from the main page because there was disagreement about whether or not the example fit:

  • Agnes, the fat girl In Masquerade is one of Pratchett's few heroes who has a decidedly miserable ending. The tone of the book is not sympathetic, but seems to say "that's the way life goes, get over it".
    • Your Mileage May Vary, both as to how unhappy Agnes's ending is (and note that her story doesn't end after Maskerade, but continues into Carpe Jugulum) and as to how sympathetic the book is.
08:59:06 AM Dec 4th 2010
Ferdinand, Aunt Figg's dog in Tom & Jerry:The Movie, is a mean just like her and is really chubby!