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08:26:12 AM Jul 28th 2016
In my most recent edit I removed this, uh, sentence - "(she spins it all around her to she holds on to all sides at one point)" - because quite honestly, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Could someone please help me decipher what this person was trying to say?
04:58:30 AM Jul 21st 2012
While the caption is quite hilarious, I'm not sure if it follows the guidelines for family friendliness. I don't want to be prudish, but it doesn't really relate to the trope. On the other hand, its not that explicit.
07:18:08 PM May 26th 2012
literature - Voyage To Arcturus - the protagonist takes on the local races' sense organs (and moral perspectives!) as he wanders their planet on his quest ... with a variety of eye variants, among other things ...
09:36:29 PM Dec 24th 2011
It shouldn't be said as if it's 100% for sure that eyes 'evolved multiple times'...the eye debate is actually one of the biggest in the create/evo debates.
02:20:58 PM Sep 28th 2011
"There's a case of a woman who was completely blind in her eyes but was able to see through a patch of specialized cells on her chin."

I can't track down the book where I read this. If someone can fill in the details, that would be great.
09:36:49 PM Dec 24th 2011
Yes, I'd love to find out as well.
03:41:18 PM Apr 25th 2011
Just a suggestion for a new page image: The Portrait takes this trope to a logical extreme!
04:38:12 PM May 4th 2010
I must say that the new caption should forever be preserved in the annals of TV tropes history as an unabashed Crowning Moment of Funny.
05:14:24 PM Jul 29th 2010
Wow, thanks for the compliment. I was afraid someone was going to delete it for being obscene.
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