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04:56:08 PM Feb 7th 2011
Are there any examples where the eyelid is pulled down with the Middle finger?
10:44:43 PM May 12th 2010
edited by Popette
Can we please change the name of this to "akanbe"?

I mean... It's not to be confused with the Galaxy Angel Gameverse villain. Or the alcoholic beverage. Or a late-night bus or train. Or the fictional drug from Cowboy Bebop. Or the result of a camera's flash reflecting off the retina(s) of the subject(s) of a photo. Or the thriller movie starring Cillian Murphy. Or the manga. Or that late-night show on the Fox News Channel. Or the homing missile system. Or ham gravy. Or just regular old red eyes.

That's a lot of things. It just seems like a bad running gag.
06:22:03 PM Dec 1st 2010
A bad running gag with a name I can remember how to spell.
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