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01:04:09 PM Jun 30th 2011
edited by ShrekFan100
What about Chernabog from Fantasia? Wouldn't he fit this role?
01:05:03 PM Jun 30th 2011
No- he's some kind of demon/evil spirit- do you even bother reading trope descriptions?
01:42:11 PM Jun 30th 2011
Embarrissingly, I just got suspended again. But just out of curiosity, what about Zool from Ghostbusters?
01:42:58 PM Jun 30th 2011
Isn't he also a demon of some kind? It's been forever since I've seen that film, but I think he's a demon. Does he do spells?
01:48:23 PM Jun 30th 2011
Zuul, not Zool, is the demon possessing Dana. So, yeah, not a sorceror. At all.
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