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04:04:28 PM Nov 28th 2014
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The first note reads:
"For the record, a 2007 US survey indicated that the average American man has seven sexual partners in his life while the average American woman has four; only 29% of American men and 9% of women have had more than fifteen partners, indicating that the number is actually rather lower than on television, and that somebody must have lied."

I am not sure if the last sentence is warranted. Must the numbers for men and women match up? And what if gay guys are more active than lesbians?
07:56:35 PM Dec 29th 2014
Those statistics are for opposite sex partners.
08:00:58 PM Dec 29th 2014
08:05:33 PM Dec 29th 2014
...not the same statistics, I know, but it makes my point, I think.
10:42:56 PM Apr 3rd 2014
Average sex partners?

Is that average as in add everything up and divide by the population, or average as in 50% of the population have fewer and 50% of the population have more? We need to know, plus how to get into that top 50 percentile.

...or even the top 75%-ile :(
08:04:46 PM Oct 29th 2014
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That second thing is median. Also, percentile is how many are BELOW you. So being in the 75th percentile would mean you'd banged more people than three quarters of the rest of us had.

And the average that is posted was based on a survey of a random sample of people.

Oh, and remember that that average is almost certainly skewed upwards because of the simple fact that, while everyone has at least zero sexual partners (you can't have sex with negative people), there is functionally no upper limit other than that dictated by your free time and charisma.
10:21:44 PM Nov 20th 2014
Would screwing a ghost be a negative?
07:57:53 PM Dec 29th 2014
No, but having a ghost anti-rape the last sexual experience out of you might.
02:39:49 PM May 26th 2011
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