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06:26:55 PM Aug 15th 2017
edited by Metalder386
I found a picture from Japan that showcases several different flavor of 80's hair all in one. Could I add it to the page?
08:46:03 PM Sep 28th 2014
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I just noticed that this tropes is more prevalent in japanese media than the rest of the world. At least, the later years (Pokémon or Final Fantasy for example). Why and HOW?! are mullets popular? Just wondering. I have long hair, akin to barbarian long hair, but I'd never wear it in a mullet.
10:19:00 AM Jul 26th 2013
Can we add a redirect from '90s hair? The term usually refers to the same styles, which persisted well into the mid-nineties, and a lot of works that use this trope are actually from the '90s as well.
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