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08:41:29 PM Feb 24th 2012
I think the page title should be changed to Dyson Shell, because that is what the page is essentially describing, not a Dyson Sphere. I know the difference is mentioned on the page, but the vast majority of the page is devoted to the shell version of the concept (the more difficult and less useful version). Maybe more of the page could be devoted to the different varieties of Dyson Sphere, or heck, at least include a link to That Other Wiki's page on the subject.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts.
08:42:30 PM Feb 24th 2012
My main concern is that the page seems like it could possibly be misleading.
02:54:49 AM Dec 2nd 2011
Aw heck, image already has a caption. There goes my chance to say "Not to scale."
06:12:16 AM Dec 2nd 2011
without the pothole to Understatement the current caption doesn't really work though, yours would probably be better than the current version.
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