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06:03:29 PM Oct 2nd 2013
I removed the The Hunger Games examples. Everyone, please keep in mind that to qualify for this trope, the noteworthy ability must be because of the drinking, not in spite of it.
08:27:14 PM Oct 2nd 2013
Actually, Haymitch from Hunger Games could qualify as an Inverted Example. He would qualify as a Master, by virtue of winning a Hunger Games. And given the price/availability of alcohol (especially in District 12), only winners can even AFFORD to get drunk. So it's not that Drinking makes him a Master, but that being a Master allows him to drink.
02:07:19 PM May 13th 2012
11:59:12 AM Jan 25th 2011
Removed from page as no source was given

  • Four words: Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu

It was originally listed under the Video Games section.
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