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04:56:46 AM Feb 5th 2013
edited by ReiKusanagi
Should there be mention of the tendency for broken bases (such as what happened with Otomedius)? I feel it's a trait of Cute'ems up as it happens for these reasons:

-Fears of the game being too easy and/or simple, more so if it's connected to a famed series. The fact there's a few games which are hardly notable beyond being cute doesn't help this what so ever.

-Fears of lower quality/cashing in on the cuteness. (Some may point to Otomedius as an example)

-Fears of attracting fans who don't care for the gameplay, just the possible Les Lay and memes. Just look at Touhou, with its fanbase mostly ignorant of the actual games. (this is more prevalent with games with cute girls than games with other cute things)

-The simple fact that something cutesy/girly is invading an otherwise "manly" video game genre. It's mainly the western fandom that has such an issue, similar to how some take offense at there being all girl fighting games.
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