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12:57:01 AM Jan 6th 2016

I guess that proving the war theaters importance by the death rate is quite wrong.

For example analysing Pacific War by the way we could say that it's American-Japan part of the war is totally senseless compared to Soviet-Japan war theatre. I guess it'd be better to calculate results and here there are no evident reasons to say that western front was less important. I think that as there are no obvious solution for the measuring of the war theaters importance that example needs to get changed for something less confusing.

04:10:00 AM Jan 4th 2012
I'm not sure if the Sliders entry is exactly correct. It states that every single point of divergence from our Earth's history occurs in Southern California. While it's probably true for a large number of episodes, I think saying that "every single point of divergence" is an exaggeration. One example off the top of my head; in one episode they find themselves on an Earth that never discovered penicillin. Penicillin was discovered in Scotland. Another one I can think of, they went to an Earth were America is effectively a police state because J. Edgar Hoover was elected president, and he abridged the Constitution. I can't see how that could have originated in Southern California. I'm putting this in discussion because I'm not sure whether to modify the entry, or remove it entirely.
04:35:23 AM Dec 5th 2010
I just did some streamlining, removing natter, justifying edits, wordcruft and such. Star Trek still needs some tidying, but I'd rather leave that to someone more familiar with the series.

I completely removed an entry on The Dresden Files (another franchise I admit to not knowing much about), since it seemed to me to be a straightforward aversion, and therefore not worth listing in this article. If anyone disagrees, and thinks this trope applies to it in some way, then we can discuss that here.

Here's the original entry:

  • Surprisingly averted in The Dresden Files. Harry manages to meet several different evil wizards, werewolves, vampire nobility, and two fairy queens in their homes, all without leaving the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as fallen angels who have come to town on business. Eventually, though, we learn that there's plenty of action going on elsewhere that Harry himself just hasn't seen: most of the wizards vs. vampires war takes place in Eastern Europe and South America, and at one point he goes to the White Council's headquarters in Edinburgh. In addition, it's strongly implied that a lot of the weirdness in Chicago is in Chicago due to Harry himself.
    • Also note that the author himself was born in Missouri and had never been to Chicago when he started writing the series, which is why he fails at geography early on. Still, the primary focus is on events in America, as we're seeing things from Harry's perspective and he's rather attached to it.
03:54:28 AM Jan 4th 2012
Shouldn't the fact that Jim Butcher is not from Chicago mean that this series is not a case of Creator Provincialism?
06:33:36 PM May 21st 2010
What exactly is the page picture? I can't make heads or tails of it.
07:48:42 PM Jun 15th 2010
Same problem here. It's Europe, but that doesn't tell me what country the creator is from.
04:56:55 PM Jun 29th 2010
The Eiffel tower is one of only three things on the map, indicating that the creator is French, possibly even Parisian.
09:31:20 AM Jul 14th 2010
edited by
*squint* Ooohhhhh... yeah, that's still not a good image. The purple line implies Libya or Tunisia.
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