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04:09:49 PM Nov 4th 2014
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I was searching for a trope that exemplifies why Kurokami Medaka offered the position of vice president of the Student Council to Shiranui Hansode and Kumagawa Misogi in Medaka Box. A similar example occurs with Isaac Netero and Pariston Hill in Hunter x Hunter. Foil seemed to be a good trope but only show them as exact opposites, but is devoidfrom the authority relashionship. While Commander Contrarian only shows someone that is contrarian and has the permission to be like this. Dragon with an agenda wasnīt a good option either cause the Boss figure here is basically unaware of his dragon's agenda. The Starscream was a good option though, cause reflects Megatron awareness and expectative, but in the end is a mean to show that there's always someone more despicable than the villain. Although Megatron himself averts this.

I wanted something from the POV of the Big Boss that from his magnanym and awareness offers the position of number two to someone he acknowledges as his worth opponents with the hope that when he isnīt up to the task the number two will do everything in him to overtake him. Just like the above examples.

The motive could be anything.Just goodwill (as a way to reddem his rival); Idiocy (He plainly knows that his rival is up to undo everything that d]he did until now); Just a Whim (He did it cause he can).

So itīs worth a new trope? I donīt now any examples outside anime and manga.

Até mais ver mr. Poneis

Ps.: Maybe that say that go by "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" could be a good name for a new trope.
07:09:59 AM Sep 18th 2014
This trope looks like it's gotten really watered down. It seems like it's any time someone disagrees with someone else, instead of "disagrees regardless of what the decision was".

If the Commander is consistent in his opinions, is it really this trope?
01:02:33 AM Dec 6th 2012
there is no way to know which characters appear in the pic used to show the idea in a graphic form... Ryotaro Dojima seems to be the commander contrarian but since the webcomics are now lost there is no way to confirm it... Who is the white or blonde haired guy?
01:35:44 PM May 8th 2011
There's discussion in the main page. The night of the living dead's entry, to be specific
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