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05:07:02 PM Jan 29th 2013
"Most of the Star Wars Expanded Universe has its share of action, but there are books with little, such as the Medstar Duology, which is sort of a medical drama that focuses on the medics working on clone troopers, the reporter set to cover it all, and the Jedi Padawan earning her Knighthood on an unpleasant world called Drongar. The conflicts in the duology are largely internal and personal, things like a surgeon overcoming his automatic assumption that clones and the rare truly intelligent droid aren't really people, or the Padawan fighting her addiction to a mind-expanding drug. But action does pop up; notably a few battle droids stray too close and the Padawan slaughters them. And... well, that's about it, really, at least with the medics, the reporter, and the Jedi. The duology carefully places direct conflict only in storylines where the spy is the main character."

Um, reading the trope description, I don't see how this entry fits. Am I missing something?
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