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01:42:12 AM May 6th 2013
I remember both Ed, Edd, and Eddy and The Powerpuff Girls having episodes in "clip show" format, but all the clips were new scenes only appearing in that episode to my memory.

This is just a example of subversion I suppose, unless it's done a lot more often than I'm aware of.
01:37:00 AM Jan 29th 2013
"Clerks: the Animated Series" humorously played with this trope by getting the obligatory clip show out of the way early, in the second episode. The running gag was that they kept having the same flashbacks because there was only one episode to flash back to.
04:05:00 AM May 21st 2011
As it is, the introduction sort of hedges around the fact that these episodes tend to suck ass. I know that this isn't necessarily inevitable, and there might be cries of YMMV, but still...
01:35:30 AM Jan 29th 2013
edited by Connorses
Agreed. It kind of waits to mention this although it doesn't avoid it altogether.
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