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05:28:13 AM Mar 29th 2016
I'd really like to add the Roman general Aulus Caecina Alienus to the list, despite the 'no real life examples' thing. He's one of the classic examples of this (at least according to Tacitus, Suitonius, Plutarch, and the other Roman historians who recorded that part of the history of the Roman Empire) in the famous Year of Four Emperors.

After the suicide of Emperor Nero, Caecina attached himself to the soon-to-be-Emperor Galba, hoping to ride that rising star. When Caecina was caught embezzling (and it turned out Galba had absolutely no sense of public relations, and made everyone hate him instantly), he switched sides for Betrayal #1, and started backing Vitellius's uprising up in the Rhine lands. By the time Vitellius got his army to Italy, Galba had already been murdered and replaced by Otho, but Vitellius didn't see much point in stopping the invasion just because there was a different butt on the throne (and a murderous one at that), so he went ahead, defeated Otho, and took Rome for himself, with Caecina right beside him.

In Egypt, Vespasian had stayed clear of all that craziness, but once Vitellius had secured things, it became clear that Vitellius wasn't much of an emperor, and Vespasian decided to make a bid of his own for the throne. Vitellius sent Caecina to Egypt to go put down the uprising, at which point Caecina promptly switched sides again (Betrayal #2) and backed Vespasian. But his own troops didn't flip with him, and threw him in chains instead. Eventually Vespasian did win, and released Caecina, who thanked him by almost immediately joining in on Eprius Marcellus's conspiracy to murder Vespasian (Betrayal #3), which failed and ended up with everyone involved being executed.

Even the historians of the time said Caecina "could remain loyal to no man".
06:16:00 AM Mar 29th 2016
You can add this in literatute and cite the roman historian in question. Non fiction comes in literature
07:36:45 AM Feb 16th 2016
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On Geass examples: Villetta is simply not an example of this trope. I don't know how anyone can say that when Cornelia actually warns her against being too loyal. The Suzaku example is also motivated more by hatred of the character than analysis of his actions past the surface. I went into a whole long analysis of his character that really doesn't belong here, but I'll post it in the forums in the Geass thread, I guess. Anyway, Suzaku's issue is also that he's too loyal. He tries to hate Lelouch and work against him, but he can't truly kill the loyalty he has for Lelouch... anyway. yeah. Not an example. (if you want to read what ended up being an essay about it, see post 2946 on page 118 of the "code geass" thread in the anime forum).
06:14:55 PM Oct 1st 2013
Can there be a Politics Folder added in? K.Rudd and J.Gillard, former Australian Prime Ministers, both liked to back stab each other and their own party.
05:23:51 AM Feb 11th 2013
"[Raistlin] He betrays Tasslehoff by making him break the magical time traveling device as the fiery mountain is about to fall on Istar, sending him to the Abyss."

Debatable. Raistlin tells Cameron he taught Tas how to activate the device and sent him home. It was in Raistlin's best interest to get Tas back to the future as fast and surely as possible, since a kender has the power to change the events of the past.

Even though Tas is surprisingly intelligent for a kender, he has every bit of that race's tendency towards impulsiveness, lack of foresight, and absence of most common sense.

Tas only wound up in the Abyss because he was in the Temple when the gods lowered the boom on the Knight Templar holier-then-thou types who were running things, destroying much both good and bad because it didn't fit with their worldview of what was 'good'. Raistlin did send Tas to the temple, but only because Tas wanted to stop the Cataclysm, and Raistlin was using 'stopping' it (not) as an excuse to get Tas to activate the time travel device and send the kender home. Neither them could have known it would break.
12:53:03 AM Oct 16th 2010
Where did the Video Games section go?
11:29:48 PM Oct 14th 2013
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