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05:21:19 AM Aug 21st 2012
A troper has added the "Okami" from Supernatural, which I feel shouldn't really go here. It's not really based on a Chinese Vampire and has no real connection to the Chinese Vampire other than it's a vampiric creature from Asia (Japan, to be exact). What do other tropes think?
09:59:09 PM Apr 11th 2013
It's not supposed to be a chinese vampire at all. It's supposed to be a Japanese werewolf. Hence the name; this troper is almost certain Okami is the Japanese for wolf, making it just a wolf version of the Kitsune.
07:34:25 AM Sep 28th 2011
edited by random54452
"It is more of a monster than a Western vampire; it doesn't speak and has pale skin, long clawlike fingernails, and a long prehensile tongue. It can move only by hopping and has its arms outstretched in rigor mortis. The Chinese vampire is usually dressed in Qing Dynasty robes. Interestingly, jiangshi is Chinese for "Stiff Corpse", which is the reason for its odd method of locomotion: being dead, the body is stiff and therefore cannot walk and has to hop.

Its attack can infect a person and turn the victim into another of its kind. "

Sounds like a zombie to me. Shouldn't this "trope" be called "Chinese Zombie"?

I almost expected the page to say "the people they kill, get up and kill"
08:31:36 AM Mar 16th 2013
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There's not really one perfect translation. It's vampiric because it sucks out your life. It's zombielike because it's decaying. Remember, the vampires Europe in the Middle Ages (in the days before they were fetishized and had their own secret societies) were pretty much indistinguishable from zombies.
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