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03:16:23 PM Mar 6th 2011
edited by Chrinik
Can we have a Troper Tales for that? īcause I litterally had this setup during my basic training in the german army, where my units Captain was a gentle, laid-back person who would stay calm, use jokes and remarks and order smoke breaks, while the squadleader of the first squad, who was of higher rank then all the other squad leaders and therefore mostly in charge of the training when the platoon commander wasnīt able, was the kind of instructor whom you might recall from Full Metal Jacket. I donīt want to add it into the Real Life section because itīs...well a Troper tale, but I donīt want simply adding a new article just to showcase personal experience with the trope. Probably, many people would have had such experiences and it would be interesting to hear them. At least, for me. Canīt really talk for other people here.
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