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05:30:56 PM Jul 9th 2010
Should games like Yahtzee and Mahjong be included here? Neither is a board game, in that there is no board at all.
03:21:20 PM Oct 17th 2010
Boardgaming circles tend to be somewhat flexible about what counts as a board game; Dominion is another one that tends to be counted despite its not having a board.
07:15:52 AM Jan 12th 2011
Jack - More that boardgaming circles tend to count non-traditional Card Games as boardgames for Dominion... Mahjong is more debatable, although the debate tends not to be if its a board game or a card (well, tile) game, but weather its a board game or a gambling game.

Never heard anyone question if Yahtzee is a board game, though, but the point that board games don't always have a board certainly stands - Carcassonne is probably the most obvious example of something that wouldn't cross most people's minds not to describe as a board game, but with no actual board.
03:23:07 PM Jan 19th 2011
How about either (a) renaming to "Tabletop Games" (with a redirect from "Board Games", or (b) establishing "Tabletop Games" as a redirect to this page? The latter would of course be the simpler and less disruptive choice.
03:46:05 AM Mar 9th 2010
Is this supposed to be an index page? If so, it seems to be totally broken and filled with natter. I think it should either have the index tags removed, or be massively cleaned up.

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