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01:33:42 PM Jan 21st 2011
edited by Motmot
Um, hey, Worldmaker? I love the work you did on the Evil Overlord List and all, but this was my close friend's YKTTW and it was not up for grabs, nor did she abandon it (in fact, she was waiting for me to check it over before launch). While I realize that anyone can launch something from YKTTW, and frankly, you launching it for us would've been fine, but you keep editing the description to suit the Toy Story 3 exmaple (and the Losers example too I believe?) when those are not examples by the trope's original description (Woody escaped through the bathroom incidentally. He didn't need to go through it because it was the only place he could get privacy). Yegdip and I like your wording, but we feel that you've changed the meaning too much by taking the emphasis off the situation where the person's already captured and placing it instead to put the emphasis on a chase/stealth sequence. If you feel the trope is better off with the emphasis on stealth/chase despite the fact that most instances of this the way I've seen it support the original description more (or if anyone else feels that way for that matter) we don't mind discussing it. I'm not looking to start a conflict or an edit war, but my friend's feelings are hurt and now I feel responsible for not checking over her YKTTW sooner, so would you mind please honoring the original intent of the YKTTW, or at least not reverting Yegdip's and my edits to the description? Thank you for reading.
03:38:48 PM Jan 21st 2011
edited by Worldmaker
Whoever launched this thing did so in a way that did not launch it at all. It was a blank page, and stayed that way for a good eight or nine hours after it was supposedly "launched".

Thus, it became up for grabs for anyone to either Cut List or to create the page themselves. This I did. If you have problems with the way I launched it, then maybe you shouldn't have hit the launch button until the article was ready for launching.

Let me repeat: this page was ALREADY LAUNCHED as a blank, empty page when I stepped in and had to add the content. To my mind, the "original intent" of the article is thus what I put into it, as all you did was remove the YTKKW from circulation.

Also, you adding shit to my Contributor Page without permission? Majorly uncool.
04:59:54 PM Jan 21st 2011
edited by Motmot
I'm very sorry I upset you with the Contributor's page. It wasn't my intent to intrude on it but Tropes has no way of privately getting in touch that I know of, and if Tropes etiquette considers it rude to leave a note to someone via their page, I didn't know; I apologize and I certainly won't do it again. My logic was just that it would be a way to get you here so that we could discuss. (I did make a note for you to delete it once you read it, I'm pretty sure?) Like I said, I don't want to start a conflict, I just want to come to an understanding.

I didn't launch the trope. I just asked Yegdip for more specifics about it and she said she did have it ready to launch and she hit the launch button, but didn't think it worked (hence why she wanted me to look it over; this was the first time she's ever tried to launch anything and didn't really know what to do). I didn't know that she attempted to launch it before, and she didn't think it went through, so I apologize for that misunderstanding on our part, and you were in the right to transfer the content. I still want to discuss the change of emphasis and deletions of edits in the trope description, though.
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