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06:36:58 PM Jul 26th 2017
How many soldiers should a group have, to qualify as an army?
10:13:14 AM May 2nd 2011
So do we get to see as to whether or not any of the armies from His Dark Materials(By Philip Pullman!) like the Republic of Heaven could qualify on the list?

I am also awaiting to hear when the forces of Olympus(according to Camp Half-Blood, as introduced by Rick Riordan!) could also qualify for the literature sub-forum, along with the armies of the Titan Black Throne.

What about the defenders of Hogwarts in the 7th Harry Potter novel, for that matter?
10:36:33 PM Mar 19th 2010
edited by Foryn
I see no "Real Life" section, is that due to some Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment or has no one actually done anything for no real reason? And if it's a natter issue, how about just historical forces in the Real Life section?
11:40:57 PM Mar 19th 2010
Zapped on purpose. Yup, The cautious thing wasn't being held to. No real life for this one.
09:59:08 PM Mar 30th 2010
I see it as more a case of "rather than fix it; let's just torpedo it". I don't agree with that move either Foryn.
04:24:24 AM Sep 20th 2011
I find this to be disappointing. There really are a ridiculous number of hardcore face-stomping badass military/police organizations in real life. Navy SEALS! Israeli Mossad! Spetsnaz! Gurkha! S.W.A.T. and GSG-9, anyone? Hell, most standing national armies count to begin with. If the concern is maintaining the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement, why not set aside a Troper Tales section for people to list the armies that they think are badass?
01:41:18 AM Jun 12th 2017
The way i see it in real life this is Omnipresent Trope. Pretty much every proper army ever qualifies as Badass Army so listing individual examples is pointless.
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