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10:53:42 PM Apr 25th 2013
Removed the following Natter from the Robert A. Heinlein examples in Literature.

  • The "an U.F.O." example is not really be all that surprising, since the line before was "An oofoe. We’re an oofoe, do you realize that?" so using "I finally understood him-an U.F.O." as part of Pat's inner monologue is fairly appropriate in that case, since he's internally quoting Harry.
  • Similarly "a U.F.O." is correct if you're pronouncing the letters. The rule is whether the first sound is a consonant or a vowel, not the first letter. The first sound in 'U.F.O.' is 'y.' Which is why sound h-words should use 'an' and some use 'a' depending on whether or not the 'h' is voiced (and this causes a lot of arguments across the pond because sometimes 'h' is pronounced in America and silent in Britain, and sometimes it's the other way around.
04:12:52 PM Oct 28th 2011
Cut a fair number of film examples that were not this trope, but related tropes involving actor catchphrases or signature visual elements like Sam Raimi's car.