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06:55:47 PM Jan 26th 2013
Ok, so what trope do we use exclusively for bows instead of the people wielding them?
01:00:05 PM May 12th 2013
Gonna need to build a whole new trope for that it seems.
10:57:05 AM Sep 22nd 2012
Name changed from The Archer to Archer Archetype per TRS thread here
08:24:15 PM May 7th 2012
Would anyone mind axing the semantic arguement about "firing an arrow" fire is used to refer to nonfire arm projectiles being launched including hand thrown projectiles.
09:30:23 PM Mar 1st 2012
edited by judasmartel
I have a question: can basketball players specializing in long-range shots be considered the sports equivalent of The Archer?
08:18:28 AM Aug 10th 2011
Okay, so I found this part that concerns the whole concept of sticking characters like The Chick and Weak, but Skilled with a bow and arrow:

  • "In reality, the draw of most warbows can range from 60 to 150 lbs, requiring significant strength throughout the body (especially the upper body) to use effectively."

Honestly, I kind of knew about the whole "archery requires more upper-body strength" (I've shot a few arrows, it's harder than it looks!), but never realized the idea behind 60-150 lbs! Is it okay that my Smart Girl=/=Badass Bookworm uses arrows? She's not very good close-range, but she is stronger than she looks, so does it still count?
10:27:59 AM Jan 23rd 2013
Well, speaking as an archer (well the son of an archery instructor) myself, most archers tend to build up their muscles using stronger and stronger bows. A lot of archers prefer to use their back muscles rather than their arm muscles (which are the ones which develop) so it's possible for someone to still look quite slender if only their arms are visible.

Note that the 150lb bows were historical warbows (modern warbows, alas, were never developed, crossbows aside). Modern bows tend to have weaker draws (no more than 50lb for shooting and 75lb for hunting), so you could also get away with giving her lighter bows.
04:06:14 PM Feb 26th 2013
Having practiced archery for quite a while, I can say this. An archer can be relatively slender, but he definetly CANNOT be someone who don't exercise. Using a bow takes a lot of strength, which is progressively built up by using strong and stronger bows. To be honest, the first few bows one uses wouldn't qualify as war weapons, for being far too weak. Now as the previous poster said, people tend to build up muscle in their back, but their shoulders defintely take a bulk. The arms won't necessary take a lot of volume but they'll at least need to be muscular.

The thing with a bow is that you don't only need the strength to bend it, you need to have enough of a margin in strength to steadily maintain the position without shaking in order to aim.

Another tip on writting an archer character: shooting a bow takes a lot more than simply accurately aiming.
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