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06:31:14 PM Feb 27th 2011
What about Paramore...They have an album called Riot!, but no songs in the album are named Riot!, although in one song (That's What You Get) the lyrics are "If I ever start to think straight/This heart will start a riot in me/Let's start, start, hey".
06:35:08 PM Feb 27th 2011
...oh, and I don't know if this counts or not, but their first album is called All We Know Is Falling, and they say that in one of their songs...but that song's title is All We Know (NOT All We Know Is Falling). I don't think that counts really, but anyway.
01:48:21 PM Sep 29th 2011
Been noting this topic for years and cannot believe the number you have come up with!Still got quite a few to add -apologies if some of these were already listed. 1.David Cassidy-Dreams Are Nothin' More than wishes mentioned in 1973 UK No.1 single The Puppy Song(written by Nilsson and originally recorded by Mary Hopkin btw) 2.Japan-Tin Drum mentioned in Cantonese Boy(UK #24 in 1982) 3.Billy Idol-Whiplash Smile in Don't Need A Gun(UK #26,US #37 in 1987) 4.Stereophonics-Just Enough Education To Perform in Mr. Writer(UK #5 in 2001). 5.Showaddywaddy-Step Two in 3 Steps To Heaven(UK #2 IN 1975) 6.Jason Donovan-10 Good Reasons in Too Many Broken Hearts(UK #1 in 1989) 7.Status Quo-Just Supposin' in What You're Proposing(UK #2 in 1980) 8.Thrills-So Much For The City in Big Sur(UK #17 2003)-Also this is the first line on this track and also namechecks the Monkees!Great song btw. 9.Sade-Diamond Life in Smooth Operator(also the first line)(UK #19 in 1984,US #5 in 1985). 10.Five Star-Silk And Steel in Rain or Shine(UK #2 in 1986).

Many more to follow!
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