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01:12:01 PM May 16th 2013
Wait, South American? Isn't Feather Mesopotamian?
07:48:32 PM Jul 9th 2013
Funny, I was just thinking that. Did that get changed since I stopped subscribing?
08:40:23 AM Oct 16th 2010
edited by Mutant
Should we add a separate section for Attack of the Smart Pies?

And yes, I do have a copy of the book. I was quite the fan back in the day.
02:51:55 PM Oct 16th 2010
edited by DynamiteXI
Or you could even start a separate article, if you wished—There Is No Such Thing as Notability, after all. Kind of like how Spy vs. Spy is separate from Mad Magazine, or how The Legend of the Chaos God is separate from Disney Adventures.
08:39:58 PM Oct 16th 2010
I'm thinking we could start with a separate section, and if it gets too crowded, we can move it to a new page.
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