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11:38:40 PM Jan 27th 2013
"Similar to the above example, in an episode of The Proud Family, Penny wants to try out for the football team. Subverted, when she tells the coach there's no rule saying she can't play, he still refuses due to his "girl's can't play sports" viewpoint, despite the fact she is clearly better than any of the guys on the team. Double subverted when her friend's mother is a lawyer who forces the coach to let her on the team. And shockingly triple subverted when the Couch allows her on the team, but states there was no rule that made him have to let her actually participate in the game."

In Real Life, he'd still be setting himself up for a discrimination suit, since the only reason he's keeping her on the bench is she's a girl. State laws about discrimination override school rules -or no rules.
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