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08:19:01 PM May 28th 2013
This series is not actually fantasy. Charlie's contract said that his publisher had right of first refusal on his next SF novel, but they wouldn't buy anything else so quickly. So this S Fnal work got disguised as fantasy... after all, there are clear signs pointing to Zelazny's Amber series and a medieval-tech alternate world. Read further along and you'll discover that the world-walking ability is carried by nanotech (femtotech?) that reproduces in mitochondria.
04:49:15 PM Mar 25th 2011
No, blanked!

I restored the content. This is a work. Do not cut this.
06:14:49 PM Mar 25th 2011
edited by Darkaros
Something weird's up with this one. The Merchant Princes is the correct name of the series by Charles Stross. Checking the recent edits of the troper who blanked it, he had recently changed a wick of The Merchant Princes Series into The Merchant Princess Series (Emphasis on Princess)... And then moved the page content into the new page, The Merchant Princess Series. Need to cut the other one?
06:24:36 PM Mar 25th 2011
Then cut the bad one? whichever one it is.
02:11:40 PM Mar 27th 2011
Sorry about that. It was my mistake, I honestly thought it was "Merchant Princess", not "Princes". Serves me right for not looking at the cover close enough... :P
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