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06:47:45 AM Jul 28th 2013
Cut this from the trope list, because the mythology pages are not tropes. Also, natter.

  • Norse Mythology: Lots of references!
    • There's also references to other mythologies, such as that of China, Ireland and Ancient Greece.
05:26:01 AM Aug 15th 2011
Not an example trope, a editor's question. The answer seems to be no for the most general sibling-killing as a trope — perhaps because it is a bit People Sit on Chairs in fiction. We do have Cain and Abel when sibling rivalry is the key. Perhaps this is what you want. Also see Lost and Found when looking for tropes — it is possible we do have it an I have missed it.

  • Surely there's a trope about kinslaying? - Valgard kills his adopted brothers
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