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03:31:59 PM Feb 6th 2011
Removed this bit under Celibate Hero: "Averted, actually - he's married, with a wife back home in Devon. He's not celibate as much as simply an unwaveringly faithful husband. In the poem "Solomon Kane's Homecoming" he finally returns home, only to learn that she has died while he was away Walking the Earth, and promptly sets out once more, never to be seen again."

Because I've never read any evidence or indication of Kane being married in the stories. The "Bess" mentioned in "Solomon Kane's Homecoming" is most likely referring to Queen Elizabeth.

I could be wrong, though, so feel free to revert it if there's concrete evidence.
05:50:17 AM Feb 7th 2011
Bess is definitely not Elizabeth. Kane had no love for the queen, viewing her as an enemy of his faith (see "Hawk of Basti"). What's more, Elizabeth was buried in Westminster Abbey, which is hundreds of miles from Devonshire, and cannot be described as "a quiet churchyard by the sea."

That said, you're quite correct in asserting there's no evidence that Kane was married at all, or even the nature of his relationship to Bess: she could be a wife, lover, sister, daughter, friend, or anything.
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