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08:25:47 PM Dec 4th 2014
I do not lurk here very much, but I reuploaded the image in better quality, because I love Hyperion cantos.

I even put a very bad joke in the caption box.

Am I already a troper?
06:14:45 AM Dec 5th 2014
Yes you are!

One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us.
09:36:28 PM Feb 25th 2011
I don't know enough to edit, but it seems that a reference of how Haruhi draws from Hyperion has to be here. The book Yuki gives Hyon is Hyperion, and the whole "timeslip Miku" comes from this series as well.
09:17:17 PM Mar 27th 2011
To add to the above: Yuki is also essentially a cybrid, while the Integrated Data Entity is akin to the Machine UI. I'd assume that this is why Yuki is shown reading Fall of Hyperion, which is the book where more info on cybrids and the technocore is revealed: It seems to be a shout-out/homage to a similar concept, one which may have had been some form of inspiration for Yuki.
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