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07:38:56 PM May 8th 2013
Can we split the tropes on this page into tropes that are present in the book, tropes in the show, and tropes that appear in both? I haven't read the book, so if the difference between them is too great, a page split might be desirable, instead.
05:52:01 AM May 9th 2013
So far it seems that things are mostly appearing in both. The biggest difference I've found so far is the name of the cat and how Shelley gets to school.
08:12:42 AM May 7th 2013
I'm a little conflicted whether or not to classify the Peter/Letha relationship as a Strangled by the Red String. Personally, I didn't see any build-up or reason for the relationship to happen other than she saw him across the quad and just threw herself at him. It was awkward and made the plot more confusing. Does anyone else feel that way or did I miss something?
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