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01:22:51 AM Dec 1st 2011
edited by AgPrv
So what's 136 pounds, then? Fat? Thin? just right?

I watched the film with Herself and thought it was OK for chick-lit, with some good moments - the scene where BJ/RW gets stuck on the fireman's pole and reveals she's got a nice arse in those "big knickers" was pretty much memorable. (Q - was this deliberately inserted, so that men forced to accompany the GF and watch the film with her, wouldn't gripe too much?)

But... A British film, set in Britain, with a British lead character.

She still weighs herself in American units, which struck me as utterly unreaistic. During all those little narrative inserts where she's griping about her weight, surely a British character would have described herself as "nine stone six" and not in the American manner, as 140 pounds or whatever it was? Even if it had to be done that way for the Yank market, surely we coud have had a British -appropriate version for home consumption? Does a little post-production cost that much? Otherwise a urprisingly watchable film, from a bloke point of view.

Oh, and RW loooked NORMAL as BJ. Normal size, weight and qquite cute. The she has to go and starve herself afterwards? Says volumes for American aesthetics.
10:41:49 PM Apr 25th 2013
Also the funny thing, RW's BMI is still in the healthy range when Bridget was about 130-145 lbs.
04:43:43 PM May 19th 2013
Oh, the original UK books were done in stone. It was the movies and the US that had it done in pounds
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