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12:26:43 PM Jul 28th 2013
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I can't think of a punchy title for it, but:

Except in a forum specifically devoted to dining out, any thread mentioning restaurants will eventually turn into either an excoriation of small children in restaurants or a tipping flamewar.
10:45:00 PM Jul 5th 2013
"Kelter's Law ("Silence in the Library" Effect): Forum administrators who are strict about keeping all threads on topic (merging or locking duplicate topics, splitting out off-topic chatter, encouraging users to use the search button before posting, having many sticky threads at once) will find their forums full of 100-page threads which nobody will want to read all the way through. It follows that, since most intelligent users are inclined to fully read a topic before posting to it, this will lead to an overall decline in the activity of intelligent users across the forum."

Although some sites get away with it. Cracked is notable for it.
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