Heartwarming World War II Discussion

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06:10:14 AM Mar 14th 2018
Pulled this:
  • There is a tiny village in modern Saxony-Anhalt called Pansfelde, where one of these happened: in the late days of the war, 2 Wehrmacht soldiers were on break from the front service, but were notified about an allied bomber raid. In the woods, they happened to come across a group of children fleeing from the bombers. They managed to get most of them into a nearby cave, except for 2 of them. Unable to get them to safety and the bombers close, they instead shielded the remaining children with their own bodies, dying in the process but the children all survived. Due to this, a grave with one of their helmets exists in the woods near the spot to this day, and can be seen cleary as it is situated right next to the street build in that area. It stands as a testament to their sacrifice, and also as proof that even the bad guys in a war have those among their ranks who care about humanism and protecting the weak.

Aside from sounding suspiciously Nazi sympathizing and riddled with awkward wording, I can't find any indication that this is true. Pulling until we get confirmation.
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