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12:15:03 AM Aug 20th 2017
Sailor Venus' Past! Minako's Tragic Love. Usagi was willing to kill Papillon who was a human Katarina that was transformed into a monster. Usagi's reason was because she believed Katrina stole Minako's love interest and deserved death. Minako had to plead to Usagi to save Katarina instead.
08:49:08 PM Sep 12th 2015
Episode 43 of the anime has constantly bugged me: why on earth did the other senshi think it was a good idea to let the youma (oniwanbandana or whatever her name was) continually strangle Sailor Moon rather than come to her aid immediately? Like, what was the benefit in watching her struggle like that, if the masquerade was uncovered?

To just do a quick summmary for those who may not remember the episode: The Dark Kingdom observes the 4 inner senshi fighting against Sailor Moon and think that maybe they're kicking her out of the group. In fact, this is a ploy by the Sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon's idea actually) to make the Dark Kingdom think she's quitting the group and may want to come over to the other side (stupid plan, but whatever.) So Kunzite gets a letter from Sailor Moon and he and his youma meet with Sailor Moon later in the night to talk about her quitting. Kunzite opens up a Dark Kingdom portal so Sailor Moon can go see Tuxedo Kamen, but as she's contemplating going inside it, the youma spots the other senshi hiding and realizes it's a trick. So she starts strangling Sailor Moon hoping to draw the senshi out and reveal the ruse.

So here is the issue I have. The sailor senshi at first want to leap to action, but Mars stops them saying that they can't reveal themselves...otherwise the ruse will uncovered. Sailor Moon herself is silently begging the Sailor Senshi not to intervene and reveal the trick. But my question is ...WHY??? There is absolutely nothing to gain if the youma succeeded in killing Sailor Moon; if she ended up dying, there goes any hope of stopping the bad guys. And since it's clear Kunzite has discovered it's a trick (which the senshi all seem to realize) then what does it matter if they stay put, their leader WILL DIE! It just baffled me that this was an actual conflict they had to debate on before saving Sailor Moon. Or maybe I missed something?
11:31:53 AM Apr 1st 2015
If Chaos is the source of all of the villains in all of the arcs, how can it simultaneously be sealed in Sailor Galaxia's body? Unless I am confused in my chronology or Chaos has either been slowly seeping out in increments or was not totally sealed, in the first place, this paradox does not make sense to me.
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