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04:57:12 AM Jan 22nd 2013
"In some old Disney shorts with Pluto, Pluto has an angel and a devil, who were both dogs like himself; angel dog wore a halo and devil dog wore horns and a red cape. Devil dog usually encourages him to do things like disobey Mickey and chase cats."

In one of those shorts, a kitten Pluto rescued has been taking all of Mickey's attention. When the kitten winds up falling down the well (in winter!), the devil says to 'let 'em drown'. The angel advocates saving it. The devil rams his pitchfork into the angel and starts laughing. The angel pushes up his sleeves, tucks in his robe, and pulls a combo Good Is Not Nice and Crowning Moment of Awesome, kicking the devil's tail completely out of sight and then demanding that Pluto 'Save that kitty!'

Which Pluto does. And then the kitten gets Mickey to save Pluto.
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