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11:22:52 PM Mar 11th 2018
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"The Dragon Ball fanbase in LATAM is huge"

I need to correct this. To say it is huge is a little of a under statement. For example, look at this. If a religious procession doesnt begin with a cover of this song, then it is not a procession worth attending. Day of the Dead, Day of the Holy Virgin, you name it: the band has to play this at some point. The first time the Cell Tournament went into air, EVERYBODY left their workplaces, early. Even now, with Dragon Ball Super almost finished, bars, restaurants and even the government are offering events to honour it:

Just sayin´
05:37:34 PM Jul 1st 2017
"Dragon Ball is the most notable anime franchise to achieve relevance among general audiences in Hungary. Its initial cancellation sparked a large outcry, and it remained popular despite being off the air in the following decade. Even whilst the anime market was on the brink of crashing at the start of the 2010s, certain TV networks decided to reach back to the franchise, producing a dub for Dragon Ball GT and re-airing Dragon Ball Z because they knew people would watch them. The fact that DBZ is broadcast at all in an environment that's otherwise hostile towards Asian media is a testament to its popularity."

"The fact that DBZ is broadcast at all in an environment that's otherwise hostile towards Asian media"?

Excuse me, but what the heck? As a Hungarian, I believe I can say with utmost certainity that whoever wrote this was just HORRIBLY misinformed! The anime market was in no danger! Animax Central Europe stopped its broadcast in 2014, that was all! And that certainly did not take those Korean action movies and soap operas off the air from the mainline channels like TV 2, Mondo Magazine is still being published and is as popular as ever. You may as well call the Benelux countries Japano/Sino/Koreaphobic. Jesus.

Also, Dragon Ball for a short time was pretty mainstream, along with Pokémon and Sailor Moon. A call-in show even hosted a Dragon Ball quiz with the reward being a DVD set of unreleased Dragon Ball episodes back in the early 2000's.
06:00:32 PM Dec 31st 2013
How about Soul Eater. Like Bleach, But the Series may have a much bigger fandom in america than japan.

Black Butler is to this too as well.

Digimon also may has a bigger fanbase in the US than japan as well. However,probably not in the overall.
06:40:08 AM May 11th 2013
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I don't understand where people are getting the idea that Russia/America is rare in Hetalia's Japanese fandom or only liked in the American. Sure, it's nowhere near as popular as in the west, where it's the most popular Russia pairing and second most popular America pairing (at least USUK deserves to be popular). But every artist on Pixiv I've seen who draws mostly Russia, draws Russia/America at some point.

And I hate Russia/America, I wish the J-fandom ignored it.
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