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03:05:34 AM Oct 26th 2010
edited by ArcVaranus
This is the Kingdom Hearts Fridge page as a whole - why shouldn't it have BBS frige entries? That's even ignoring the fact that the entrywasn't merged with the 'official' BBS page. Discuss something like this before you scythe a whole quarter of an article.
04:03:40 AM Oct 26th 2010
I agree with this, but then we should have BBS's Fridge page re-direct to this one instead of having both pages repeating the same things.
01:42:29 PM Oct 26th 2010
Alright, I dunno how to do that, so whichever of our troper brothers and sisters can, make it so!
03:56:09 PM Oct 26th 2010
Done! ^^
12:59:51 AM Oct 27th 2010
Awesome to the sause.
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