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07:02:16 PM Jul 28th 2011
edited by phillytroper
Sorry, I would add this to the Smurfs film page, but it didn't seem to have a discussion page. Is there a term for the trope where they take a cartoon or show that has its own world and then adapt it to be a movie in our world? So The Smurfs movie is an example of it-instead of that medieval village they lived in, the movie takes place in modern day NY. Super Mario Bros., Master of the Universe would also be examples or to a lesser extent George of the Jungle, Rocky and Bullwinkle, or the Brady Bunch movie. It's not quite human focused adaptation, because a lot of these involve human characters. It's an annoying trope, because if they did a straight up live action adaptation, they'd probably do better than this fish out of water parody of the original.
10:48:59 AM Mar 23rd 2011
Could an argument be made for Character Development be for Grouchy Smurf when Baby Smurf went to the village? Grouchy Smurf was a one-gimmick ("I hate ____ ") character, but when Baby bonded with him, it showed Grouchy had a heart he didn't always show when he tried to care for Baby. He also had to fight his "I hate" instinct when he had to hug a fairy whose want was with Chlorhydris' Heart of Ice. Anytime you can do what you need to no matter what you're basic instinct is has to be applauded.
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