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06:05:58 AM Apr 1st 2011
I'm getting a bit worried about the direction this page should take.

It was originally written based on the English dub. While pages referring to the card game still wick here, it wasn't until a few months ago that the page got its card-related trope list. And now the most recent editor appears to be interested in the original version of the show, and has gone out of his way to denote dub-related elements. (And remove most uses of the word "kaijudo".)

Should we make a separate section for things that are dub-exclusive, or make a more consistent tag for them? The current parenthetical asides don't really look good. Personally, I know nothing about the Japanese versions, but that argument has never held up in the anime section before.
12:25:41 PM Nov 9th 2010
I cant believe the wiki is linked to, from Tvtropes. Woo!