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07:49:38 PM Mar 8th 2015
Pardon my ignorance (and I doubt anyone is still alive here) but when it comes to this part right here:

"This new arc, the World FORCE:ERA arc, focuses much more on the backstory and deeper workings of forces behind the scenes of .hack's universe, and most particularly on Emma Wielant, ALTIMIT, both of their associations with the environmental awareness and protection group mama, and their own ultimate desires intended with The World, and in extension, the Ultimate AI, Aura."

I just watched The Movie last night and I did not pick up on any of this stuff. Where did this info come from?

Actually, even on the .hack Wiki, there seems to be a lot of info on The World: Force Era but none of it is sourced so I have no idea where it's all coming from.
04:31:45 PM Jan 3rd 2012
Hey, this was mentioned in an earlier discussion, but can we get more tropes for the franchise as a whole and put the other stuff on pages for the appropriate media?
08:29:41 AM Jan 9th 2012
Yep, we should probably do something like that.
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