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04:54:45 PM Dec 10th 2011
Should this page be broken up into tropes across all movies and then tropes for the individual movies like a lot of other series pages? It's getting a bit scrolly.
02:42:20 PM Jul 8th 2011
The temperature of the UV laser mentioned under "Convection Schmonvection" is not a hyberbole. Actually, your average oxyacetylene torch flame is literally half as hot as the surface of the Sun (photosphere) [3000 degrees C in comparison to 6000 deg. on the Sun's surface tops]. And the welders don't have much problem holding such devices a few inches from their faces, so I suppose it is not the issue of Conv. Schmonv.
05:30:23 PM Jun 5th 2010
This should be moved to "Film", since it only refers to the movies. Blade from the comic books is a very different character from his movie counterpart, both in terms of personality and in terms of powers (that is, he didn't have any, except for immunity to a vampire's bite; later, he gained the ability to sense magic, and later still he gained enhanced speed, strength and regeneration).
06:08:43 PM May 17th 2011
Agreed. This very clearly covers just the movie version, and barely even acknowledges the comic.
04:55:32 PM Dec 10th 2011
Seconded. Is there even a /Comics page?
09:47:19 AM Jan 23rd 2012
I've made the namespace adjustments for /Film, /Comicbook and /Series.
04:55:15 PM May 10th 2010
Should his mom's incestuous behavior really be considered Unfortunate implications? I never took the scene as implying something racist or sexist. Rather, I took it as a sign that vampirism turns people into Anything that Moves types. Her behavior is an offshoot of the attitude that create bisexual vampire women, in other words. So I vote to change this to an Anything that Moves trope rather than an Unfortunate Implications trope.
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