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01:32:26 AM Aug 18th 2013
Artistic License - Physics: While fighting atop the bullet train, Wolverine charges at a mook many feet behind him by leaping up so that he remains in the same place while the train speeds by under him. In reality, his body was already going the same speed as the train while riding it, so leaping in the opposite direction shouldn't have caused him to travel any farther than a normal jump. :I doubt the movie portrayal is perfectly accurate, but there is going to be an awful lot of wind/air resistance if you are on top of a 300mph train, which would push you "backwards" if you were not holding on.
06:37:22 PM Oct 13th 2017
"awful lot" Well, 300mph is about the terminal falling velocity of a human, so yeah. ~1 gravity could count as a pretty decent amount of deceleration.
08:27:15 PM Jul 26th 2013
Harada, while insulting Wolverine, referred to mutants as "mistakes of God", or something like that. However, the idea implies God as an all-powerful intelligent being that created and manages the universe. This concept may fit with the major western religions, but does it fit with Buddhism or Shinto?
02:42:43 PM Aug 1st 2013
I don't think so, however he may have just been using it like an expression. Like if an atheist says "Oh my god" or something similar.
07:25:00 AM Jun 14th 2013
I don't know if it counts as a 'take that' or not, but when I saw Man of Steel earlier, there were five second 'trailers' that displayed things like, "TOUGHER THAN IRON" in an Iron Man font and, "STRONGER THAN STEEL" in the same way Man of Steel appears on posters before a claw scratched through the words. A trailer for The Wolverine appeared a little later.

Technically, adamantium is tougher than iron and stronger than steel, but...
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