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11:23:09 AM Oct 12th 2013
Paul A deleted this entry of mine:

  • Super Rug-Pull: D'Artagnan tries a literal, non-super-powered version at the climax of the first movie. He crashes through a window into a room occupied by three of the Cardinal's guards. Thinking fast, he grabs the edge of the rug beneath them and heaves! Result? An embarassed D'Artagnan staring at his enemies holding a foot-wide fringe of rug. He dives back out the window, apologizing as he goes.

He's right in that this isn't a super-powered rug pull. Do we have an appropriate trope for a rug pull that doesn't involve superpowers?
11:31:34 AM Oct 12th 2013
Nope. Looks like a good item for YKTTW.
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