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06:45:05 AM Jun 1st 2013
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Just a question: why Dark Knight Saga and not Trilogy for the namespace?
01:54:28 PM Jul 22nd 2012
edited by LE0Night
Do we separate all the "soft" wikis (Heartwarming, Awesome etc.) and move them to their respective films soft pages or do we list everything here? Because TDKR now has two sets with different entries.
11:59:14 PM Jul 22nd 2012
All entries should go on the "soft" wikis, so merge them there but remove duplicates.
12:37:18 AM Jul 23rd 2012
edited by LE0Night
I'm sorry, what I meant was do we use the TDKS soft wiki pages or the BB/TDK/TDKR ones? People add to both and one of them needs to go.
05:56:20 PM Jul 4th 2012
edited by ashlay
Deconstruction or Reconstruction:

What makes this trilogy a deconstruction? None of these added realistic elements appear to lead to actual negative consequences, they're instead all worked around in the end. Batman is still The Cowl, and not a Vigilante Man. nor is Batman ending up dead or insane or something like that. So what makes this series a deconstruction of batman rather than a Reconstruction of him?
05:46:06 AM Jul 7th 2012
edited by ashlay
Ok, adding it back as reconstruction then. If someone has a reason they believe the saga actually is a deconstruction, we can always pull it again and work things out.
04:32:41 AM May 25th 2012
I just want to express my prediction that The Dark Knight Rises will be Hijacked by Ganon in the form of either Ra's or Harvey Dent or both.
05:41:02 AM May 25th 2012
Ra is likely (almost confirmed based on casting reports) although Dent is still dead. Although set photos show Bane exposing his actions as Two-Face to Gotham.
06:37:10 PM May 25th 2012
I don't believe Dent is Dead, Ekchart was on Set, claimed he was just vising.
10:47:20 AM Feb 23rd 2012
This trope was cut, but it might be usable.
08:31:37 AM Jul 20th 2012
Just found some unfortunate news on cbs's homepage- apparently, during a midnight premire of tdkr in chicago, someone, dressed as tom hardy's bane, went on a bombing and shooting rampage, killing a total of 20 people, ranging from infants to adults. Someone cited the murderer's reason as wanting to 'recreate batman', and now the red carpet premire of the film in paris has been delayed as a result. What's your opinions on this?
08:21:19 PM Jul 20th 2012
That is an erroneous version of events. Nothing has indicated that the shooter was inspired by Batman, and the final death toll was 12.
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