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11:06:33 PM Jan 18th 2014
I just have one question. I saw this years ago....several times. I really liked it. One thing I never got however....when Bonnie makes her wish, to heal her scars, her wish is "To be as beautiful outside as she is inside", and until the face-heel turn she was an angel. So....when she turned into a narcissistic bitch....she should have turned ugly. Why didn't she?
05:39:52 AM Jan 22nd 2014
I watched the scene back and she asked "to be beautiful on the inside and out". There's a deleted scene that establishes the spell wasn't working, so Sarah had to do some more casting to get it to work. I think the reason her spell didn't backfire on her was because she cast it on herself. Sarah and Rochelle used their spells on other people - and the three-fold rule only applies to spells cast on others. You can do whatever you want to yourself.
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