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02:25:51 PM Apr 1st 2013
Errr... isn't this the rather crap remake of a genuinely original, I think Canadian, horror film from the seventies? Compared to the original I thought this was rather crappy, gutless, soul-less and to be honest, boring. Now the original was edge-of-the-seat horror (low budget) that left the distinct impression at the end that the alien squigglies had won and the human race was doomed. There was a really squick sequence where a girl is taking a bath, and one of the alien squigglies climbs up through the plughole, and in order to possess her it first has to enter her body, and... yeah, you get the picture. Although the penetration was suggested rather than explicit. Is the original definitive version referenced anywhere on TV Tropes?
03:01:15 PM Apr 1st 2013
Got it: the original was called Shivers and was David Cronenbourg's first film in 1975. Now both movies are about parasitic worm-like creatures - in the original, lab-bred, in the remake, space invaders - who invade human bodies through the most available routes (orifices) and turn the possessed humans into sex-obsessed zombies. Both films share a critical scene in which a woman in the bath discovers - painfully - a slithering squiggly thing entering her in a most intimate place...