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08:08:56 PM Aug 19th 2013
Does anyone know what the cute blond haired girl's "crime" was? she wasnt violent like the drug dealer, she wasnt a skank like the dark haired woman who got her arms cut above her head, and she wasnt a druggie like the mole was. Was she a shoplifter? I think I missed something. also, I was actually really hoping she would have made it out, she was really cute, was her actress ever in any other horror movies?
06:58:09 PM Aug 19th 2013
old man threatens my son

who is sitting in a chair hooked up to various medical devices. Tell you what, if that was me (as the dad) I would have played a game of my own with that asshole and by the time I was done with him he would plead and beg and scream.

Dint give me any Bullshit about how (he's dying anyway, so what does it matter to him what you do?) as I would really drag it out and he would feel every second of my rage as long as my son was prisoner.

I would start off with very slowly breaking each finger on both hands. if that wasnt enough, I would then do the same to his toes. if that wasnt enough to get him to truthfully talk, I would then proceed to cut into him in various places of his body with a knife, not enough to kill him, just enough to wake him up. (might rub some lemon and ground up glass into the wounds as well)

if he still wasnt talking by then I would then cut his toes and fingers off slowly so that he feels each and every bit of pain possible. if that wasnt enough I would then take out my gun and shoot him slowly working my way up from his feet to his upper body, being careful to not hit anything that would make him die to fast. if by then he still refused to talk and give me the info I need, I would pull his teeth out, carve out his eyes, then cut out his tongue. after all that I would jam a grenade down his throat, pull the pin and walk away.

I know this is dark, but he deserves it after that (especially if the kid does die) I am watching this for the first time and that old man really pisses me off with his smugness despite the fact that there are 5 machines pointed at his chest.
07:52:42 PM Nov 30th 2012
This series is repeatedly referred to as a "franchise". Should we categorize it as such?
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