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01:19:30 AM Mar 15th 2014
Casting Gag: Batman's two closest assistants both fall for Batman Gambits. What do you think?
01:31:53 AM Jul 16th 2013
Haven't seen the film, but do the leads pass off as villains? I mean, the Lupin gang are all classified as Anti Heroes, typically unscrupulous at worst.
01:03:03 AM Jun 4th 2013
I question whether "Disproportionate Retribution" fits here. If the movie were depicted as the example was originally written, maybe. But that means taking Bradley's word that Strike was a "mediocre magician" as true, despite the fact that a) Bradley is the only one who ever calls him that and b) Bradley seems to look down his nose at all magicians because he likes feeling smarter than them. With that taken out, Bradley ruined Strike's career, indirectly caused his death, and continued on to ruin peoples' careers (and possibly lives) while showing absolutely no remorse. All of which makes his eventual retribution more satisfying than disproportionate.

It seems a little YMMV, is all I'm saying. Should it be moved?
03:17:17 AM Nov 20th 2013
I agree with you, it is very much a matter of opinion.

However, my own opinion is that it was disproportionate. I do not believe that explaining how a magic trick could have been done, or even how it very likely was done, is a bad thing to do. If Shrike's career was ruined after Bradley publicized the techniques that he most likely used, well, that just implies that Shrike had a rather fragile career. It's not like people have a right to be successful at making money however they want. I might want to make a living at the fine art of fart ventriloquism, but if people aren't interested, then they aren't interested! Bradley was making fascinating information—which was not anyone's private information—available to the public. He didn't even have to steal it from Shrike, he probably just figured it out by buying a ticket to Shrike's show and observing. I wouldn't place any blame at all for Shrike's death on Bradley. It was the safe manufacturer, and Shrike himself, who were to blame.
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