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04:29:52 PM Apr 28th 2012
So, concerning the 2005 remake, everyone here seems to assume that Ann Darrow didn't care about the deaths of all the people who tried to save her on Skull Island. Why? Who's to say that the news of their deaths didn't just give her even more of a reason to disconnect herself from what Carl Denham was planning to do once they got back to New York? If I knew that dozens of people died trying to save me, even if I did end up sympathizing with the monster that captured me, I'd do everything I could to distance myself from someone who was trying to capitalize on the results of their deaths. The only reason she would try to save Kong once he escaped into New York City was because she didn't want anyone else to die. Not Kong, not the people, nobody. The fact that she ultimately failed would probably haunt her for the rest of her days.
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