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01:36:18 PM Jan 30th 2016
Moved this, previously listed under Too Dumb to Live, here for discussion:

  • For the second film in a row, the main characters mount a "rescue mission" on an island full of dangerous predators without bringing any weapons with them. Grant can be forgiven since he didn't know what he was getting into, but the others don't have that excuse.

I don't think this is factually accurate. As the entry points out, the two paleontologists (Grant and Billy) have the excuse that they weren't briefed. However, the Kirbys bring along three armed mercenaries (and there's a scene where they test their weapons), so they did prepare. Also if I recall, in The Lost World Malcolm's team did bring at least one gun with a poison dart in case they ran into trouble.

04:29:18 PM Jan 30th 2016
It's been a few years since I've seen the movie, I just don't remember any of the characters on the Island using weapons against the Dinos at any point. If I'm wrong, then fine, we can leave this out.

As for the second film, would anyone really consider a single dart gun to be a sufficient defense on an island full of deadly dinosaurs?
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